Wrapping It All Up.

Now that the semester draws to a close, so must my blog. I’ve had a fantastic time with this assignment. I didn’t think I would enjoy writing a blog all semester, but I loved the entire process of cultivating all the fun, creative ideas to post about; interviewing and video editing; app building; and leveraging social media to bring readers to the blog.

I didn’t promote my posts on social media as much as I should have, and I would like to have done a better job of promoting to bring more readers on the blog. When I did promote a post, leveraging the number of followers on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram worked very well to grab people’s attention.

My experience writing this blog not only helped advance my technical writing skills, but also challenged me to post creative, outside-the-box content which readers could relate to and enjoy. In addition, most employers in today’s media landscape are looking for fresh graduates with a proven track record, who have a tangible portfolio to present during an interview. This blog is definitely something that I would show to an employer if I was applying to an advertising agency because it shows off my competence in writing, creativity and technical media skills.

So this is it- the end. Have a fantastic summer, thanks for reading all semester! farewell for blog


Tip #6: How to Develop the Cunning Style of Barney Stinson


I apologize for the bathroom selfie. Nobody was around to help take a picture of me when I needed to post this example, so this is what we’re stuck with!

Want to impress your special lady friend? Want to show off at work? Do you like glowing with pride as heads at you turn while walking down the street? Whenever you’re thinking about ways to look professionally manly there’s only one man we turn to for guidance- his name is Barney Stinson. His advice: when it comes to suits, there’s only one way to do it: up. “Suit up!”

Tip #1: If the suit doesn’t fit exactly right, get another one. The fit of a suit is everything.

Tip #2: Polkadots are great… Just kidding, don’t have polkadots anywhere on your suit if you ever want to look like a man.

Tip #3: When it comes to pockets and your pocket squares, some people may tell you not to cut the stitching in your jacket pockets when you buy your suit-DON’T LISTEN. It’s pointless to have nonfunctional pockets. If your pockets don’t work, then why even have pockets? Don’t listen to the naysayers, use your pockets.

Tip #4: Wear a nice dress watch, not a sports watch. Oversized, elegantly designed watches are easily noticeable and add character to your outfit.

Tip #5: Find something that works and stick to it. Once you find that great, manly look that works for you there is no need to change!

Tip #6: Don’t let the jacket completely cover your shirt. The jacket sleeves should reveal around a half inch of your shirt’s cuff.

Tip #7: Your pants should sit at your waist, not your hip.

Tip #8: Wearing a bold-colored tie compliments a gentle-colored shirt very nicely.

Tip #5: How to Eat BBQ

Mastery of the barbecue pit is an essential skill every man needs to have in his arsenal of man abilities. For every piece of meet you grill or smoke, +5 points will be automatically added to your man card.

FullSizeRender-5 2
Recently my father, brothers and I went hunting for the best BBQ in the state of Texas. Year after year, Texas Monthly magazine rates the top BBQ joints in Texas- three of the very best are located one block from each other in Lockhart, Texas: Smitty’s Market, Black’s, and Kruez Market.

If ever you are looking to make an average day turn into a manly one, make the Lockhart BBQ Sampler Run: order only samples the essential items off the menu  in small samples so that you can compare each location and decide who has the best BBQ. We tried the brisket, sausage, ribs and beans.


Our final decision on the day was:

  • Black’s hands down had the best brisket.
  • Smitty’s had the best ribs
  • Kruez Market had the best sausage.

This is just the opinion of 5 people. I recommend visiting Lockhart for yourself and you decide which is best! Be sure to let me know what you think on social media, I’d love to hear y’all’s opinions.

Discover Burgers with Luis Leyva

Nothing says, “I’M A MAN” like eating a hulking slab of cow wedged between a bun and the choicest of toppings. When I came across Luis Leyva’s blog about burgers and burger pubs, my mind was blown. The detail and pictures on Discover Burgers will have you immediately craving one of those delicious, juicy masterpieces.

What’s exceptional about Luis’ blog is that he goes around San Marcos to try every burger he can, and offer his unique opinion on the menu from a perspective you don’t get to see in many other media outlets. Luis provides insight that is unique to every post, and characterizes the restaurant in such a familiar, vivid way that it’s like you were there with him tasting the burger and seeing what he’s seeing.

I like this blog because it offers unique recommendations on classic restaurants and burgers to try here in San Marcos. Luis even goes a step further than just reviews on local restaurant’s burgers: he even posts about his experiences grilling his own! Luis is truly a man after my own heart. Not many other people who do burger reviews come up with such original and quality content like Luis Leyva in Discover Burgers.

Lesson 3: How to Do It Yourself.

Whether it’s woodworking, fixing your own pluming, making garden beds for your woman or even building a shed, the art of DIY is a man-making endeavor. It’ll put some hair on your chest.

Why should you do it yourself?

 DIY is an essential cog in the gears of manliness for several very important reasons:

  • Women love a men who knows their way around a toolbox
  • It is the most character building exercise a man goes through. The skills I’ve learned while working with my father from the time I was just a wee lad have proven invaluable in my every day life.
  • You save $$$$
  • Tremendous amount of satisfaction upon completing your project.

The Tater Annihilator 

The best DIY experience I ever had was when I was preparing for elementary school’s science fair. My dad and I were just scratching our heads wandering what we could possibly create to demonstrate my vast knowledge of science as a 5th grader, when we came across the instructions on how to make our very own potato cannon! We named it the Tater Annihilator, and it sent potatos flying over 100 yards! FYI, The justification for using this in the science fair was predicting how far we could launch a potato using the basic laws of physics. Here is how to make your very own Tater Annihilator.

Want some other good examples of how to DIY? Check these out!

This is how you DIY: Whiskey Barrel Table


This is NOT how you DIY: Failed Hedgehog-Monster Cake

Lesson 2: 21 Ways to Be a Man

It’s time to discuss what particular traits really build a man in eyes of the public. A while back I took to social media for feedback on the defining characteristics of the manliest men, and I am very happy with the answers.I compiled a list of the most common (and comical) answers I received:

  1. hagglingGrilling (Use charcoal; gas is a weak man’s grill.)
  2. Suiting-Up (Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man)
  3. Growing Facial Hair
  4. Doing It Yourself (Mixing concrete, handling power tools… you get the idea)
  5. Haggling 
  6. Having a Firm Hand Shake
  7. Whistling…Beautifully.
  8. Hitching, Driving, and Backing a Trailer
  9. Throwing a tight spiral
  10. Hog Wrestling
  11. Building and Maintaining a Fire
  12. Shaving With a Straight Razor
  13. Parallel Parking
  14. Properly Digging a Hole (There is a wrong way to do so, FYI)
  15. Gardening (Yes, it’s manly to grow something from out of the ground all by your self.)
  16. Chopping Down Trees (There is no preferred tool; axes are equal to chainsaws in manliness.)
  17. Driving a Truck or Sports Car 
  18. Shooting Straight
  19. Hunting (Tracking… waiting… killing… savoring)
  20. Chivalry
  21. Breakfast In Bed (For your ladies. Do this and instantly become your woman’s hero.)

The 11’th Commandment: “Every man shalt be clad in mustache.”

Hello everyone! So I know a lot of you have been asking, “Hey Jake, I want to be more manly, but no matter how hard I try, nothing seems to be helping me reach my goal… what is it that’s missing from my quest?” Well chaps, I only have one word for all of you: Mustaches.

What if I were to tell you that there is now a way to INSTANTLY UP YOUR MANLINESS with the new app I’ve created, Mustache Me! The mission for Mustache Me! is simple: instantly up your manliness, and let the whole world around know that you are a man… in fact, you are THE MAN.

This is great news for you, my budding beardless brethren, because now you can have ANY of the finest, most historically manly mustaches in all of history IN AN INSTANT.

Main Screen

Main Screen

Just snap a quick pic of yourself, select one of our many legendary mustache options, add it to your photo or video and voila! You are now significantly more macho.

Mustache Me! features several distinctive ways for you to share your manliness:

  • Upload your picture to your own personal mustache Gallery to save for easy access.Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.47.34 PM
  • Post your pictures to the Crowd Pics wall for the whole world to be blessed by your manly mustache.Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.46.13 PM
  • Integration: Mustache Me! is easily integrated into your social media, messages, or even video-cam chats. Share the ‘stache with your friends by adding it to your Snap Chat snaps, any picture you take which you wish to send from your smartphone or tablet, or even Face Time and Skype calls.

Note: this app isn’t actually functional, it is merely a concept for the blog assignment project this semester.


Lesson 1: Theodore Roosevelt The Bull Moose

If you ever find yourself in need of guidance along your journey to become a man, or are wondering who your ideal model of macho should be, consider Teddy Roosevelt. Right now you might be asking yourself, “Hey Jake, why should we look to our nation’s 26th president as an model of manliness?” Here are three lessons we can all take from President Roosevelt on how to be a man:

HOW TO CATCHPHRASE: Saying the right things at the right time is one of many things to keep in mind if you want to up your manliness. Here’s how Roosevelt exhibits mastery in how to catchphrase:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.” These were the opening lines to one of Roosevelt’s presidential campaigns in 1912 after he was shot in the chest by a gunman in the crowd… the speech proceeded for about another hour. The bullet hit the case of his glasses and a copy of his speech that were hidden in his jacket before piercing his chest only an inch away from his heart.

HOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW: It’s not rocket science. The manlier the men around you, the manlier you are in return. Here’s how Roosevelt demonstrates how to assemble your crew:

In 1898, Roosevelt organized and helped lead the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment known as the Rough Riders. Mostly made of college athletes, cowboys, and ranchers, The volunteers were gathered in four areas: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and TEXAS. The Rough Riders recruited men who had served in the US Army during the Civil War and other campaigns against the Native Americans. The world’s greatest crew led the charge of San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, among other battles in the Spanish-American War.


In 1886, Roosevelt’s boat was stolen while hunting in the badlands of North Dakota, so what did he do? He built another boat from scratch, hunted the thieves down for three straight days, and then brought them to justice.

If you want more information about how awesome President Theodore Roosevelt was, here is a like to a blog post about his many manly adventures: http://www.badassoftheweek.com/roosevelt.html 

About Me


Hi everyone! My name is Jake Cox, and I’m starting this blog for an assignment/project for a class this semester. I’m an advertising student at Texas State University, and I grew up in Marble Falls, Texas.I wanted to write a blog that was outside of the norm/ different from the cliche topics that are being blogged about for this assignment; not something like sports or fitness.

I really enjoy reading those http://overlymanlyman.com memes that are all over social media, and I needed this to be something funny for people to read and more or less tongue-in-cheek, so that’s how I landed on this topic.

Because two heads (hopefully more than two) are better than one, I’ll be asking my followers and friends on social media for topics to post about; however, the main topic will discuss the all-time manliest men/witty and creative tips on upping your manliness.